tracking harmonium for producer Michael Morris at The Barn Studio in Northfield, MN

tracking harmonium for producer Michael Morris at The Barn Studio in Northfield, MN

I love the recording process, and I've really enjoyed helping other artists realize their musical vision in the studio. Here are some ways I might be able to participate in your next recording project:


I have played for dozens of recording sessions in many studio environments.

I've had the pleasure of tracking with some amazing engineers / producers, including Walter Salas-Humara (in New York) of The Silos; Grammy-nominated studio gurus Gary Loizzo (in Chicago), Liam Davis (in Chicago), and Ric Hordinski (in Cincinnati); as well as with producer/author/neuroscientist Daniel Levitin (in Palo Alto). Here in Minnesota I love to play sessions for producers like Matt Patrick at The Library and Michael Morris at The Barn.

My playing appears on a wide variety of projects, including albums by singer/songwriters Robbie Schaefer,  Beki HemingwayRachel KurtzJeffrey Altergott, and Scott Wooldridge; children's musicians Justin RobertsZak Morgan, and Papa Crow; Americana bar-band Matt Arthur & The Bratlanders; and liturgical composers Nate Houge and Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan.

Most of the time I'm asked to record keyboards, probably because I own and specialize in vintage instruments like accordion, harmonium, Wurlitzer, and Hammond organ. I also contribute guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, percussion, harmonica, and vocals in various sessions. I'd be available to meet you at a studio for tracking, or exchange audio files with you online, recording my parts at my home studio. 

Contact me if you'd like to discuss using me on a recording project.


In addition to producing several of my own solo albums (audio at my BandCamp page), I've also produced recordings for other artists such as Beki Hemingway, Chris Steubing, my cousin Bruce Rundman, and the album Something Different for indie acoustic duo Lost And FoundAugsburg Fortress Publishers and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America have hired me to produce recordings for educational curriculum and music resource products.

I also enjoy overseeing projects as Executive Producer. In that role, I was responsible for a tribute album for the '70s rock band STYX, featuring performances from great musicians like Dag JuhlinJohn Hermanson, and Tom Freund with Jon Brion. Recently I managed pre-production for songwriter Trish Bruxvoort Colligan and producerJake Armerding

Contact me about production!

I've got a SoundCloud page where you can browse recordings on which I have been a contributor. Here's a demo reel for my keyboard sessions: