Beth Roberts

Poet (and Jonathan's cousin!) Beth Roberts is our first family-member podcast guest! We discuss hyperbole, poetic license, the raising of personal artistic standards, and Jonathan's struggle to balance artistic passion with the paranoia over inward wankery. Plus, Beth reads to us two poems: the new "Sober," and "Learning to Spell" from her 2001 book BRIEF MORAL HISTORY IN  BLUE.

LIVE from Heartwood Conference Center 2015

Panel discussion recorded before a live audience! Guests include Joel & Aimée Pakan of TANGLED BLUE, Holly Hansen of ZOO ANIMAL, New Testament scholar Dr. Audrey West, and potter/musician/professor Keith J. Williams. Topics include improvisation, hiddenness, going on hiatus, the influence of tools and technology, self-care, and the value of high stakes art. Lots of wisdom from cool people, recorded during the inaugural Faith Creative retreat in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. 

David Casimir returns!

Lawyer, scientist, and unapologetic nerd David Casimir adds "armchair futurist" to his list of descriptors! Dave's return appearance at the Rundmans' kitchen table features discussions about the singularity, medical advances, the Silicon Valley dot com boom of the '90s, and many other creativity-related topics, all with a frosting of optimism. Are these conversations themselves a luxury? I am the chemicals in my body! Good grief!