Mary Mack

Comedian, folk humorist, and musician Mary Mack was on our earliest wish-list for guests on our podcast, so we're thrilled to have her on this episode! You've seen her on NBC's Last Comic Standing, heard her on NPR's Wits and Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, and smelled her annual Holiday Meat Raffle variety show wafting down from Minneapolis. She's funny and inspiring. Listen!

Benjamin James Kelly

Bassist, touring musician, producer, and aspiring fashion designer Ben Kelly meets the Rundmans for the first time. This conversation goes from zero to sixty immediately, and Ben wastes no time digging into some very surprising and provocative topics! We discuss how being in a band is like pulling off a heist, the contraction of "entrepreneur" and "producer," Ben's faith that the system will work, and reflections on how the grass is always greener on the other side. And, we keep talking about boats. Fast-paced fun abounds. Get ready.

LIVE from Heartwood Conference Center 2015

Panel discussion recorded before a live audience! Guests include Joel & Aimée Pakan of TANGLED BLUE, Holly Hansen of ZOO ANIMAL, New Testament scholar Dr. Audrey West, and potter/musician/professor Keith J. Williams. Topics include improvisation, hiddenness, going on hiatus, the influence of tools and technology, self-care, and the value of high stakes art. Lots of wisdom from cool people, recorded during the inaugural Faith Creative retreat in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.