Dawn Trautman

Actor, dancer, singer, and life coach Dawn Trautman brings her laser focus and inspirational vibes to the Rundman kitchen table. A must-listen episode for the freelance performer, we discuss the myth of the overnight sensation, how to build a personal brand,  advice for rural Midwesterners who want to work in showbiz on the coasts, life on the road, and what it's like to audition for a broadway show. "I cannot not lead!" Jonathan and the Dawns, unabashed! Get ready.

Taj Ruler

Voiceover artist, improv comedian, and actor Taj Ruler brings her sparkle and insight to the Rundman kitchen table. Taj shares the "yes, and" philosophy of improv comedy, and provides a glimpse behind the scenes of a commercial voiceover recording session. Plus, we discuss vulnerability, safety, euphoria, chasing the dragon, and being an introvert in showbiz!