After being an independent artist for 25 years, I've collected a lot of know-how and perspective.

Lately, people have been contacting me for assistance. I've really enjoyed helping out in a consultant role regarding a variety of issues:

  • pre-production for recording projects
  • social media, online presence
  • marketing, branding, image analysis
  • initiating and maintaining copyright registration
  • managing music through performing rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI)
  • press/radio/media PR campaigns
  • crafting written material: bios, press releases, pitches, etc.
  • creativity, writer's block, values clarification
  • crowdfunding theory
  • podcasting
  • contemporary church music, liturgy, and community singing
  • general showbiz coaching!

For help with issues like these, please contact me to discuss your needs. We can schedule appointments in person or via videoconference.

Some of the artists who I've assisted lately include performance artist and comedian Jane Voigts, and songwriters Trish Bruxvoort-Colligan, Chris Steubing, Hans Peterson, and Rachel Kurtz.